Film Factory Studio – sounds perfect!

Film Factory Studio is a recording studio located in a landmark building in the upmarket Mokotów district in Warsaw. We provide re-voicing, ADR and voice-over services as well as sound design for the Polish and foreign market.

The company was founded in 2011 by Ilona Czech-Kłoczewska and Beata Kawka whose successful collaboration goes back two decades.

We work with a broad range of leading multidisciplinary artists and producers.

We use the best sound engineers, Polish-language-version directors, translators, copywriters, screenwriters, theatre directors, actors and vocalists.

We are known for delivering a product of the highest quality. We focus on every detail and we hire the best talent on the market.

Thanks to the consistently high quality of our work, we have strong, long-term relationships with our business partners. We approach each project with unique attention and we work in a friendly, family-like atmosphere. Thanks to our flexible work ethics, we can meet the most demanding tasks.

In the spring of 2019, Ilona and Beata launched Theatre And Culture Advancement Foundation FETA.

It is based in Film Factory Studios headquarters. Its mission is to produce workshops and theatre projects for children and adolescents.