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Film Factory Studio is a leading recording, mixing and dubbing studio in Warsaw.

We provide re-voicing, ADR and voice-over services as well as sound design in Polish and other languages. Film Factory Studio was established in 2011 under the auspices of an experienced, welcoming and enthusiastic team.

Our clients

Our services:

  • Post-production of the Polish-language versions of international films, TV series and video games
  • Commercials, audiobooks and radio plays recording
  • Audio-visual translation and subtitling
  • Access to the best pool of voiceover talent on the Polish market
  • Affliation with top-level translators and dubbing directors
  • Client-oriented, flexible and innovative work ethics
  • Dubbing & VO
  • Commercials
  • Subtitles
  • Audiobooks
Film and TV dubbing

Video games dubbing

Voice-over for film and TV 

Descriptive video service
Radio and TV commercials post-production

Sound design for commercial spots

Jingles and sound branding

An extensive portfolio of voice database base inclusive of children’s voices
Polish subtitles for foreign productions

Foreign subtitles to polish productions

SDH subtitles
Audiobook recordings

Selection of top-rank acting talent for audio and radio plays

Sound design, comprehensive sound effects library selection, music composition service


In addition to our main activities, Film Factory Studio runs vocal, acting and dubbing workshops led by top professionals.  The workshops include weekend sessions for adults, children and teenagers. We also welcome schools as well as the corporate sector.All workshops are held in Polish.

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